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Industry-Focus Translation Service

Our translation experts specialize in every industry you work in. We will help you go global quickly and efficiently.

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Language Translation Services for a Variety of Industries

Thanks to globalization, multilingual communication has become imperative. Nowadays, interpreters and translators are necessary for any field or intersection. However, each industry has its own needs and specialized terminologies which are unique to its area. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a translator, one of the essential requirements is to understand the language pairs and the subject matter in the field involved, especially for industries such as healthcare or medical. In such areas, a tiny error could lead to a significant loss of life and resource.

Saltlux Partners understand our client’s needs. We work with experienced language experts who specialize in every field you can find, including healthcare, medical, banking & finance, automotive, education, marketing, and more. Not only are our translators experienced in translating many different types of documents, but they also understand specific requirements and terminologies involved in the fields. In addition, our strict process of quality assurance will provide you with accurate and clearly understood translated materials that fit the taste and norms of your target audiences.

Our Services Span Across All Industries

We understand that the needs of each industry are unique. Therefore, we assembled a team of experts with years of experience.

Languages We Work

Saltlux Partners offers multilingual translation services in more than 180 languages to enhance your customer service experiences.





























We adhere to stringent quality control methods and standards, which have won us the accreditation and support of many reputable organizations.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the international standard that certifies products/services provided by an organization comply with the international quality management standards. Saltlux Partners’ ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the language services we offer you have met the international regulatory requirements. This certification reflects our company services’ continuous improvements.

ISO 17100

ISO 17100 is an internationally recognized standard for translation firms that includes crucial processes for delivering translation services. In May 2020, Saltlux Partners acquired ISO 17100 certification for our translation and localization services. This certification indicates that our quality management process meets stringent expectations and we adhere to it consistently and effectively.


The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a non-profit association connecting and supporting professionals and organizations in the global language industry. The relationship we built with GALA allows us to leverage resources and extend our reach. As a member of GALA, we guarantee always to bring you the most professional and high-class service.


The Japanese Translation Federation (JTF) is the largest association of translators and language firms in Japan. JTF’s members adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of translation service. Our partnership with JTF broadens the opportunities for both communities to share expertise while also advancing the global development of translation businesses.

Pricing Table

We adhere to stringent quality control methods and standards, which have won us the accreditation and support of many reputable organizations.

Translation only


Per word/character

Your document will be translated and reviewed by one native translator.

  • Quality Assurance verified
  • Ensure overall accuracy
  • Mostly for internal records or documents used in a certain period of time
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Editing only


Per word/character

Your translated material will be revised by one native linguist who specializes in the field.

  • Quality Assurance verified
  • Eliminate possible errors
  • Guarantee to deliver polished and consistent content
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Translating + Editing


Per word/character

Your document will be translated by one translator and reviewed by a native linguist.

  • Quality Assurance 3-step verified
  • Ensure consistent and error-free deliverable
  • Suitable for popular publications such as magazines, blogs, etc., which aim at the general public.
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Client Success Stories

We embrace holistic development and support to become a first-choice Language Service Provider within our sectors.

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Get to know our certified and experienced medical translator!

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Translation Tools

These software programs are to make the translations uniform and reduce the time and energy spent on looking for equivalents.

Support translation process

Ensure consistent quality

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Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools help and optimize the translation process, improving the quality of the translation.


We save time, cost, and effort of processing documents and handling orders and billing with PDF Converter, Transtool, Qdir and in-house developed Project Management System.


Quality Assurance (QA) tool is a comprehensive tool that checks for machine-detectable errors while using translation management software.

language services samples
language services samples
language services samples

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