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VPMS – Translation Management System

Our own developed translation projects management platform will help language service providers control every step of the workflow, bringing your team of linguists to a thriving marketplace.

About VPMS

VPMS (Vietnam Project Management System) is a Project Management Platform that is developed by MOBICO. It is a centralized platform that aims to simplify translation project management. VPMS allows its users to control every step of the translation process, from resource management, project management, to purchase orders. With VPMS, we can utilize our project management process, bring more value to our customers.

For Project Manager

Home Portal

VPMS allows Project Manager to manage projects and workflow from one platform.

For Vendor

Vendor Portal

VPMS allows translators to log in, receive and deliver new jobs, view their financial data, and define availability.

Faster To Manage

Our Project Manager can manage multiple projects on one centralized platform, save time and resources.

Decrease Cost

As manual repetitive tasks are eliminated, inefficiencies are reduced and teams can focus on meaningful tasks.

Secure Environment

Developed by our team of MOBICO, it is guaranteed that information on the VPMS is not easily hacked and leaked.

Connected Ecosystem

We can easily connect and assigned jobs for vendors who work at different time zones regardless of time and space.

Home Portal

Manage workflows from one place: project and resource management, invoicing, and client management.

Resource Management

VPMS allows our Project Managers to control the list of vendors. We can easily import the translator’s information into the system, and everything from contact information, daily capacity of the translator, projects finished in the past, or rate for each language pair will be shown and managed at ease.

MOBICO by saltlux innovation - vpms - translation project management system
MOBICO by saltlux innovation - vpms - translation project management system

Project Management

In addition to managing vendors, VPMS also allows the Project Manager to create and manage information of translation projects from its dashboard. We can easily track and filter all project information from project volume, project description, language pair, and due date.

One thing that differentiates our platform from other Project Management Systems is that VPMS is specialized in managing translation projects. It also allows the Project Manager to send emails and assign jobs for the translator while creating the project on this platform. We don’t need to access another email platform to inform vendors there are new projects assigned. Just hit the “New Project” button, follow the instruction, and an email that contains the translation file and information about the project will be sent directly to the assigned translator.

Vendor Portal

Our Vendors are given accounts to access VPMS, thus allowing them to better control their workflow, translate various projects, and still meet their requirements.

Utilize Process For Vendors

Easily control translation projects, invoices, and purchase orders.

Track and manage previous and ongoing translation projects assigned by Project Manager.

Receive and manage your purchase orders.

Create translator’s own invoices. The invoices created by vendors will automatically be updated on Home Portal for Project Manager to review.

Manage and update translator’s information, from payment method to available hours.

Join our network of 10,000+ Vendors

Log in as our vendors in the VPMS vendor portal.